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Alerce (Fitzroya cupressoides) is a tall, long-lived conifer native to southern Chile and Argentina. They are also known as lahuán (lawal in mapudungún), or Patagonian cypress. They can live up to 4000 yr and reach up to 60 m of height. Credit: Nick Hall photography

The Automatic Learning for the Rapid Classification of Events (ALeRCE) project

ALeRCE is an initiative funded by the Millennium Institute for Astrophysics – MAS, the Center for Mathematical Modeling - CMM at Universidad de Chile, and since 2020 the Data Observatory, in collaboration with researchers from Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez - UAI, Universidad Austral de Chile - UACH (Informatics)Universidad Católica de Chile - UC (Astronomy), Universidad de Chile - UCH (Astronomy - DAS, Electrical Engineering - DIE), Universidad de Concepción - UdeC (Informatics), Universidad Nacional Andres Bello – UNAB (Astronomy), Universidad de Santiago de Chile - USACH (Statistics), Universidad Tecnológica Metropolitana - UTEM (Computer Science), Universidad de Valparaíso - UV (Astronomy), and REUNA in Chile, and international researchers from Caltech and Harvard U. and U. of Washington.

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ALeRCE users


The geographic distribution of users of the ALeRCE Explorer according to Google Analytics, which is estimated counting the unique combinations of device & browser accessing our website. In total, we have more than 6,739 estimated users coming from 125 different countries accessing the ALeRCE Explorer.

Principal Investigator

Francisco Förster (UCH-ID&IA/CMM/DAS, MAS)

Machine Learning Coordinator

Guillermo Cabrera-Vives (UdeC, MAS)

Scientific Board

Franz Bauer (UC, MAS)

Amelia Bayo (ESO)

Guillermo Cabrera-Vives (UdeC, MAS)

Márcio Catelan (UC, MAS)

Pablo Estévez (UCH-DIE, MAS)

Susana Eyheramendy (U.Mayor, MAS)

Francisco Förster (UCH-ID&IA/CMM, MAS)

Pablo Huijse (UACH, MAS)

Giuliano Pignata (UNAB, MAS)

Paula Sánchez-Sáez (ESO)

Strategic Board

Guillermo Cabrera-Vives (UdeC, MAS)

Francisco Förster (UCH-ID&IA/CMM/DAS, MAS)

Carlos Jerez (DO, UAI)

Andrés Jordán (UAI, MAS)

Alejandro Maass (UCH-CMM)

Other Faculty

Jura Borissova (UV, MAS)

Alejandro Clocchiatti (UC, MAS)

Felipe Elorrieta (USACH, MAS)

César Fuentes (UCH, MAS)

Radostin Kurtev (UV, MAS)

Paulina Lira (UCH, DAS)

Jorge Vergara (UTEM, MAS)


Demetra de Cicco (MAS, UC-Astro)

Raya Dastidar (MAS)

Lorena Hernández (MAS, UV)

Alejandra Muñoz-Arancibia (MAS, CMM)

Kaushal Sharma (MAS)


Alex Álvarez (MAS, UCH-CMM)

Javier Arredondo (MAS, UCH-CMM)

Nicolás Astorga (UCH-CMM)

Pablo Castellanos (UdeC)

Cristóbal Donoso (MAS, UdeC)

Alberto Moya (MAS, UCH-CMM)

Esteban Reyes (Fintual)

Ignacio Reyes (MAS, UCH-CMM)

Diego Rodríguez (DO)


Bárbara Vallejos (Fintual)



Santiago, Chile (September 7th, 2021)


Concepción, Chile (January 2020)


Santiago, Chile (June 2019)


La Serena, Chile (March 2019)


Valdivia, Chile, November 2018