FONDECYT Postdoctoral fellowships in ALeRCE and Vera C. Rubin Observatory science.

The ALeRCE project is looking to sponsor postdoctoral positions to work in Vera C. Rubin Observatory related topics. These candidates would be sponsored by ALeRCE in the context of the Chilean science funding agency (ANID) 2023 call for postdoctoral fellowships.

The ALeRCE project is an astronomical broker designed to ingest, annotate, classify and distribute astronomical alerts from surveys such as the Zwicky Transient Facility, ATLAS and the Legacy Survey of Space and Time (LSST) of the Vera C. Rubin Observatory. ALeRCE was selected as one of the seven Community Brokers for LSST.

ALeRCE is composed of three teams: a team of engineers leading the infrastructure developments of the project, a team of machine learning experts leading the development of machine learning models, and a team of astronomers working on scientific use cases. The three teams work together towards offering the best data products and services for the community in an interdisciplinary approach. ALeRCE’s scientific areas include AGN, SNe, variable stars and Solar System science, but also machine learning in general, with experts working in each one of these areas. ALeRCE was the first broker to regularly provide alert classifications in real time using machine learning (Carrasco-Davis et al. 2021, Förster et al. 2021, Sánchez-Sáez et al. 2021). ALeRCE is composed of researchers from several institutions in Chile and around the world. See our homepage for more details.

We are looking for postdoctoral researchers to help us connect ALeRCE with the scientific efforts of the LSST science collaborations (SCs). We are particularly interested in collaborating with the Dark Energy SC (DESC), the AGN SC (AGNSC), and the Transients and Variable Stars SC (TVS), but we are open to work with other SCs as well.

We are looking for candidates that can bring scientific projects embedded in the LSST SCs and that can help ALeRCE to develop tools that are needed by the SCs to do science during the commissioning phase and first years of operations of LSST. Applicants already working in LSST SCs and/or that are familiar with the tools developed by ALeRCE will be especially favored.

Candidates are encouraged to contact us at as soon as possible (ideally before April 12th) describing their scientific interests and including their CV and list of publications. The candidates are then expected to write and send a preliminary application before April 28th. They should have received a PhD between Jan 1st, 2019 (going backward one year per child, in the case of female candidates who gave birth after Jan 2019) and Aug 31st, 2022. The postdoctoral fellowships would start in Apr 2023 and can last for up to three years.

Included Benefits:

The fellowship includes competitive benefits such as a yearly salary of 24.24 million CLP (~30.3 k USD), infrastructure and operational expenses for up to 4.5 million CLP (~5.6 k USD), and relocation expenses for up to 3 million CLP (~3.7 k USD).

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