Web Interface for analyzing bogus reports of detected objects.

The ALeRCE reporter is a platform which serves to manage user feedback in general. It serves three purposes: to manage the feedback provided by the SN Hunter Interface, to connect with the TOM toolit interface, and to manage data clasification challenges. The user feedback provided by the SN Hunter consists of bogus alert labels, those alerts which appear to be bogus; and possible SNe alert labels, those alerts or groups of alerts which appear to be originated by extragalactic transients. The connection of SN candidates with the TOM toolkit interface is also done from the reporter tool, sending users to the TOM Toolkit interface after clicking in a reported candidate. Finally, the reporter tool can be used to create data challenges, manage associated user entries, produce metrics and confusion matrices, and show leaderboards as in Kaggle. The data challenges are key for the collaboration periodic Hackathons where we set different classification challenges which motivate the machine learning team to develop new ideas and tools.